Aluminiumpastes,Non Leafing

Aluminiumpastes,Non Leafing


Application Features

Polytop 0900

Popular economical,excellent hiding power and coverage ability.

Polytop 0140

Polycar 30-70-03


Flash and the flash of metal effect paint series

Polycar 70-65-03

Alumet 1210


Taking into account the common characteristics of brightness and opacity Pigment series

Alumet 1510

Alumet 1610

Alumet 1710

Alumet 10405


Because of its narrow size distribution This series has high brightness,color purity,high hiding power.

Alucar 2600

Alucar 2700

Alucar 2900

Alubright 3200


With various hues of flashing metal effect pigments,from fine to very coarse particle size in the paint in bright and pure color

Alubright 3400

Alubright 3600

Alubright 3700

Alubright 3800

Alubright 3900

Alushine 6200

Thin and bright silver pigment,the surface required for high-brightness and high opacity of the painting.

Alushine 6400

Alushine 6600

Alushine 6900


The mirror effect of ultra-fine pigments,chrome and polished metal effect paint,reflective paint

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