The information about Paper-making chemicals

Document chemicals are several chemicals which are used in order to influence document properties.
Inside a sea associated with magazines in the local newsstand, which catches your own eye? Odds are, you’re drawn to the polished, vivid image of the favorite personality about the cover. Or even, it just could be the rich feel from the paper which convinces you this publication will be a joy to see. Paper-making chemicals  It will affect your. Technically talking, you’ve already been influenced through the coatings about the paper.
Document making chemical substances additional maufacturing technolgy: Hydrolysis following homopolymerization as well as copolymerization. Prominence: Paper-making chemicals additional has higher purity; Quick dissoving pace; Low cost with no pollution; Software: Paper producing chemicals auxiliary is principally used in order to paper producing mill, particularly the sewage along with high denseness, big suspending granules, PH≤7, for instance, the sewage associated with steel manufacturing plant, electroplating manufacturing plant. Applied in order to drink drinking water treatment. ModelMolecular pounds (10, 000)Solid content material (%)Insoluble issue in (%)Degree associated with ionizationResidual monomer (%)WZYI-201900-2000≥90≤0. 220-30≤0. 05WZYI-181700-1800≥90≤0. 220-30≤0. 05WZYI-161500-1600≥90≤0. 220-30≤0. 05WZYI-141300-1400≥90≤0. 220-30≤0. 05WZYI-12≤1200≥90≤0. 220-30≤0. 05 Product packaging: Kraft document bag connected polyethylene endometrium tote packaging firmly, 25kg/bag. Paper-making chemicals it ought to be stored within draughty, dried out place that avoid dampness, drenching.