Papermaking chemicals

PAM powder (non-ion)

CAS No.:(300-1000)x104Purity(HPLC):87% min (on dry basisAppearance:White to light yellow powder

Neutral Sizing Agent

Purity(HPLC):15%Appearance:White emulsionApplication: It is used to produce archival paper, durable…

Cation Rosin Sizing Agent

Purity(HPLC):35%Appearance:White emulsion


Purity(HPLC):85% minAppearance:Pale yellow flakeMelting point:47 °C min

AKD emulsion

Commodity name: Brisize-15Purity(HPLC):10% min, 15% min, 20% minAppearance:Milky emulsionProduct des…

PAM powder (anion)

Purity(HPLC):87% minAppearance:White or light yellow powder